Report: Open by default?

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How can we make the most of open practices in research, education and skills?

Research data and publications, learning and teaching materials and software are all increasingly ‘open’, but what does this really mean, and where could it lead?

These are the questions that we look at in the latest Jisc horizon scan report. Before we publish our final report on the Jisc website, I’ve created a preview version for your consideration. You can view the draft report here.

The report introduces key concepts and terminology in areas such as open access to research and open education. It considers the implications for institutions of the shift towards open science and open educational practices, and summarises support and services from us at Jisc. It then concludes by identifying “three big ideas” where we believe that Jisc could help to make a difference.

How to give us feedback

We expect that the report will evolve in response to your feedback, and would love to hear what you think about it. Have we missed anything important? Do you agree with our conclusions and recommendations – and are there other things that you feel Jisc should be doing?

We have loaded the draft report into the tool, which lets you annotate any web page – click on the left pointing arrow at the top of the page to expand the sidebar and view existing comments or add your own. You should see something like this:

Screenshot of annotation sidebar

After you have created a free account, simply highlight any text in the report that you wish to annotate, choose Annotate from the pop up box that appears, and add your comments: annotation option

We recognise that some people will prefer to use other approaches, so please do feel free to also share any feedback directly with the authors, or via the #jiscfutures hashtag on social media.


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