Horizon scanning

Our horizon scanning project is taking a deep dive into some of the major trends in digital technology. This will help us to identify the implications for institutions and we hope it will kickstart a dialogue about how Jisc can best help the sector in the future.

The future of cloud computing

What will it take to make cloud computing truly a utility for institutions, reducing the friction of switching suppliers?

How can we exploit cloud to improve productivity and deliver efficiency savings?

Read our report: the future of cloud computing.

The future of data-driven decision-making

How do we move to a data-led culture in UK research and education?

How can we build on recent initiatives in areas like business intelligence and learning analytics to help the UK to move to a culture of data led decision-making in research and education – taking a leaf from the likes of Amazon and Google?

Read our report: the future of data-driven decision-making.

Upcoming report topics

The digital institution

With initiatives like FELTAG accelerating the role of online learning, what will the universities and colleges of tomorrow look like?

Open by default

With funder mandates requiring open access publications and open data for research projects, and massive open online courses (MOOCs) driving interest in open educational resources, what do we need to do to make open practices the new normal?

What will need to change for these open working practices to become the norm in our institutions, and what support is needed?

Personalised learning

Technology is making it easier to tailor education to the strengths and preferences of individual learners, and apps like DuoLingo suggest that algorithms and machine learning may effectively augment face-to-face contact hours.

How can a personalised learning approach be used to enhance the student experience?

Research in a connected era

Research is becoming increasingly driven by the sort of international collaborations that would not have been possible before the internet era, often driven by consumer technology that provides no assurances about longevity or data assurance – leading to the situation where we have research at risk.

What platforms do the researchers of tomorrow need?