Report: Building the Intelligent Campus – the Internet of Things

The final published version of this report is now available from the Jisc website TL;DR: We’re seeing a perfect storm of innovation as pervasive connectivity and powerful miniaturised computing hardware means that almost anything can be a connected device. From toothbrushes to toasters, chairs to cupboards, venture capitalists are currently carrying out a world-wide experiment to see … Read more

Report: Deep dreaming of AI in education

The final published version of this report is now available from the Jisc website TL;DR: When we think about artificial intelligence (AI) we tend to picture the anthropomorphic robots of classic science fiction stories. In an education context, perhaps it’s a robot teacher gliding silently down a school corridor, some time in the future. But AI is … Read more

Report: Blockchain in research and education

The final published version of this report is now available from the Jisc website TL;DR: This is a short report that looks at the potential in research and education of blockchain, the technology that underpins the Bitcoin virtual currency. Blockchain is currently at the peak of the hype cycle, so I spend a little time looking at … Read more

Report: Open by default?

How can we make the most of open practices in research, education and skills? Research data and publications, learning and teaching materials and software are all increasingly ‘open’, but what does this really mean, and where could it lead? These are the questions that we look at in Open by default?, the latest Jisc horizon scan … Read more

The Quiet Rise of Google Cardboard

The tech everyone wanted to try out at the Jisc Digital Festival this year (digifest15) didn’t cost hundreds of pounds – instead it was an ultra low cost virtual reality headset based on the Google Cardboard design, which you simply slot your Android phone into. Google Cardboard is the successful virtual reality product you might not … Read more

The Winner Takes It All

It’s the Internet’s dirty little secret, and one we ignore at our peril. There’s a reason that every new startup is the Amazon of this, the Facebook of that or the new Uber, Airbnb and so on. That’s because the incremental costs of scaling from a startup to a global concern are very different when … Read more

A Digital Dark Age?

Most of us now have a cupboard or two’s worth of old media that we’re keeping because one day we might want to go back to it. Floppy disks, old hard drives, audio and video cassettes, CDs and so on. But how many of us no longer posses a device capable of reading/playing that media? There’s a software … Read more

Where Does the Self-Driving Car Leave the Taxi Driver?

As service users or consumers, we love that the Internet removes intermediaries. Just think: one click to buy and download a new book or album, everyone now able to “publish” their thoughts and ideas to a potentially global audience, the rise of the citizen journalist and citizen science, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, and so on. Future generations will undoubtedly … Read more